Our association, due to numerous team of experts, is open to consultancy in many aspects of industrial coating. The illustrations below show examples of realization of our association members.

Thinking about the existing and new projects in the area of industrial coating, SLP offers a network of experts, specialists providing technological, design and business consultancy services. The basic scope of consultancy includes analysis of technological process with respect to „8 M”. In each case SLP provides expert consultancy adapted to individual customer’s requirements.

  • We conduct activities in the scope of expert designing and engineering and connected technical consultancy.
  • For performance of specific tasks, each time and upon investor demand we create working teams.
  • WE also provide consultancy in the field of searching and preparation of modern technological solutions for optimization of coating lines.

SLP – in the scope of industrial coating offers consultancy in the following fields:

  • Technological;
  • Mechanical;
  • Architectural;
  • Constructional;
  • Storage and logistics;
  • Installation: water systems, waste water systems, heating, air-conditioning, gas, electric, humidification, compressed air, cooling;
  • Automation;
  • Tele-technical;


  1. Technological area of powder coating.
  2. Presentation of advanced solution for P&F type conveyor for the area of powder coating cabin.
  3. Presentation of powder coating area in automatic cycle.
  4. Chemical powder coating pre-treatment – P&F transport


Powder coating cabin with application of robots.


Chemical treatment plant; DEMI water station.


1 and 2. The system of solutions for automatic cabins and manual coating areas – powder paint.

3. Chemical treatment plant; reservoir tanks.


  1. Chemical treatment line in the cycle of a dozen of dipping baths ending with cataphoretic coating process.
  2. Three stage wastewater treatment plant for chemical treatment.
  3. Chemical pre-treatment of details with dipping method.
  4. Surface treatment of details with vacuum abrasive blasting equipment.


A concept of technological process for powder coating with application of chemical treatment.


A concept of technological process for powder coating with application of chemical treatment.


A concept of powder coating in automatic cabin with gelation and polarisation process.


An example of DEMI water system module (de-mineralized) required for cataphoresis process line operation.


Powder coating on automatic line with robot application.


  1. A concept of powder coating with transportation and furnace for surface paint layer hardening.
  2. Preparation of details for coating in automatic cycle with application of shot blasting machine and chemical treatment.
  3. A concept of automatic powder coating with filtration system.


  1. Automatic powder coating cabin.
  2. Automatic powder coating cabin extended with manual coating area.


  1. A concept of liquid coating cabins.
  2. A concept of details preparation prior to chemical treatment in stream line.


Presentation of wet coating cabin with application of liquid paints – manual spraying.


An example of a concept of automatic shot blasting machine with de-dusting system constituting an integral part of coating process.


An example of a concept of shot blasting process as nest production prior to commencement of details coating.


Powder coating cabin with application of dry filtration, based on a system of rotating roller brushes.


Design of a IR based dryer applied in various stages of coating process.


Design of a mid-process dryer applied in various stages of technological process.


Bi-level design of powder coating with robot application and separate manual area.


Examples of methods of chemicals storage in container storage.


Example of a dipping bath applied as one of the many in chemical treatment process at the stage of details preparation for coating – dipping method.


Wet coating cabin with robot application of liquid paints, cabin of so called “wet wall” type.


Laboratory testing fineness of grinding in the range from 32 µm to 9 mm, bulk density and structure of grains of metallic, synthetic and natural blasting media used in blasting process.


Stainless spherical grit is a blasting medium which does not cause rusting of treated surfaces from grit splinters stuck into the surface. It is characterised with very high durability and significantly lower wear than mineral blasting media. The grit guarantees stabile cleaning process – slow blasting medium grinding, uniform profile of surface finishing and roughness level.


Steel spherical grit is a metallic medium used in blasting process. It is characterized with very low dusting, high durability and diversity of application. It is used for blasting surfaces made of common steel, steel and iron castings, elimination of mill scale and rust, grating, hardening of metal surfaces – shot-peening. It is widely applied in rotary shot blast machines (casting).