The Association is a hub of knowledge about industrial coating process as a whole. Members of the Association have performed many projects in the scope of launching of new coating lines, modernization of the already existing lines, increasing of output of coating process or improvement of coating process efficiency. Gained experience is documented by numerous success stories on the market by the companies receiving the assistance of the Association founders.

Or Association is a group of persons, fully professional experts in the field of powder coating, passionately dedicated to development of modern companies and technologies at the highest global level. We are not afraid of any challenges!
Out motto is:

„Meet the challenges individually and as a team”

Industrial coating faces growingly more difficult challenges. Their key aspects include improvement of quality as well as higher individuality and durability. Thus the knowledge of facts referring to new products, further growth and new trends in coating technology is essential.
The Association is a free, self-governing organization with the following main statutory goals:

  1. allowing exchange of information, experience and ideas among the Association members and collaborating companies;
  2. supporting and inspiring studies and analyses for the purpose of presentation of new techniques, possibilities or methods in the field on industrial coating as well as communicating information;
  3. aiming at founding a forum for meeting of representatives of industrial coating branch in order to discuss the issues common for the whole sector;
  4. constituting joint platform for collaboration among representatives of industrial coating branch;
  5. operation in favour of creation and maintaining the prestige of industrial coating branch and acting in its name in responding to all restrictions with respect to industrial coating, including also environmental protection restrictions and unjustified attacks against the branch.

Companies, institutions, enterprises more often and more willingly use the knowledge of experts in a given field. Culture of the organization, its growth become the key element in creation and maintaining positive image of a company, and emotions connected with realization of demanding challenges support effects of such activities also improving their efficiency.
Our Association notices and appreciates bilateral opportunities hidden in consequent and planned operations in the scope of undertaking mutual and fruitful collaboration. We shall exercise all our efforts so that the benefits of our collaboration are distributed evenly, providing as many advantages as possible for each party. We care about creation of durable relations and maintaining constant cooperation, based upon the principle that the best results are born due to long-term engagement. The basis of our actions is partnership and professional discussion allowing for precise identification of the needs and for selection of optimum manners of achieving the expectations of both parties.
Our guiding values are:

  • reliability;
  • thorough care about the customer;
  • pioneering in solving the existing problems of coating process;

We hope we shall jointly create the strength of our Association contributing to many successes and development of our companies.


The Association was founded by experts operating in industrial coating branch foe many years – the experts in individual fields. 

Until now, we most common have worked separately, however, more and more often we have undertaken team work on individual projects of new coating lines (suppliers of coating lines, application equipment, surface treatment technologies, primer and surface paints of various technologies, applying for EU grants etc.). 

As we managed to collaborate efficiently and achieve success upon numerous projects, we decided it was worth to make our collaboration official in order to provide better transfer of information among experienced experts in industrial coating branch.


The purpose of the Association is to expand the knowledge of our partners in the scope of industrial coating adapted to specific projects and development trends. 

We can boast a vast portfolio of our founders’ achievements and use their experience for the purpose of creation of interesting branch projects or for improvement of efficiency of the already existing coating plants. The Association is an ideal platform for making business contacts with verified partners and for exchanging views and experiences in the scope of growing market demands with respect to coating process costs, applied technologies, environmental protection and growing market requirements for anti-corrosion protection and aesthetics of the coated elements.